Acrylic Paint Pens Box Set of 12 Colours Including Metallic Gold and Silver


Maisie Gray Acrylic Paint Pens Box of 12 Colours. 

Our bestselling acrylic paint pens: 

  • Are boxed as a set of 12 colours:  Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Black, White, Green, Purple, Blue, Red, Pink, Brown, Yellow and Orange. 
  • Are non-toxic and work on most surfaces including: paper, stones, canvas, glass, plastic, wood and ceramics.  (Please test each new surface before use)
  • Have a 2mm tip, easy to control, flow smooth with great coverage.  Can be used for large areas or tiny detailing.
  • Are highly pigmented water-based acrylic ink.
  • Are made of water-based ink that is non-toxic, acid-free and quick dry. Safe for kids and adults of all ages (age 3+ suggested due to small cap but could be used by younger with supervision).

Why not add a piece of blank pottery bisque or our Rock Painting Set to make a perfect gift? 

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