Mayco Stroke & Coat Wonderglaze Paint 59ml/2oz - For Kiln-Firing


Mayco Stroke & Coat - The Wonderglaze 

Glaze in a 59ml (2oz) bottle with flip cap.  

These are are premium, high quality, heavily pigmented glaze paints suitable for earthenware , stoneware, bisque pottery or wet clay.

Maisie Gray stocks these in a range of bright, vibrant and versatile colours.  The colours illustrated are fired at Cone 06 but this versatile glaze cant be fired at many different temperatures. 

Perfect for pottery bisque brushwork, spongework, application by pen and other decorative painting techniques.  Non-toxic and lead free.

Available as a Value Pack of 5 x 59ml (choose your colours by email or leave note at checkout) 

Simple and easy clean up.  Use dish soap and warm water.

Here is the brochure from Mayco about this glaze.  If you see a colour that we don't have in stock please email to request it.